You will be received at Osteopathy Lennoxville in an inclusive and kind environment by an osteopath with empathy and skillful knowledge of the human body and function.   

The goal of each session is to treat the patient as a whole with the intent of restoring balance and reducing pain. Osteopathic principles embrace the belief that the body has an inherent capacity to heal itself. Due to internal and external influences and stress, the body occasionally becomes less resilient over time and the ability to efficiently self-regulate diminishes. Examples of these influences can be attributed to the aging process, to posture, to trauma, accident, illness, surgical scarring, childbirth, repetitive activities, or the cumulative effects of stress. The intent of an osteopath is to work with the body to enhance its inherent capacity to self-regulate and self-heal, promote circulation, posture and well-being. 

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Amelia Kingsley BSc. D.O. (Diplômée ostéopathe)  

Amelia is a member in good standing with the Association des Osteopathes Ritma. Prior to pursuing osteopathy, Amelia obtained a Bachelor of Science in Physiology where she was first exposed to the in depth function of the human body, across all physiological systems. Since then, human physiology has always been a passion of hers. Fortunate to have worked with Athletic therapists she was also exposed to acute injuries and rehabilitation. Understanding the biomechanics of the human body is very important, as each person's structure is slightly different. Every person has different external and internal environmental stressors that can alter their biomechanics as well as their rehabilitation. Combining her love for biomechanics and physiology over time led her to the study of Osteopathy, where one of the core principals is that the structure governs the function (and inversely-so). Using manual therapy to gently alter the structure can improve function by eliminating restrictions in the body and optimizing circulation which can aid in rehabilitation, digestion and well-being.


Amelia graduated from Institut d'Enseignment de l'Osteopathie de Quebec (IEOQ) where she expanded on her knowledge of physiology and applied techniques including, but not limited to; osteopathic palpation and motion testing, cranial, visceral, structural mobilizations, positional release, muscle energy, myofascial release, soft tissue and lymphatic drainage. Since graduating in 2014, Amelia has taken additional courses with the Upledger Institut in Craniosacral Therapy.  Since 2018, she has been a member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners in Craniosacral Therapy. She continues to pursue additional courses regularly to further advance her knowledge in regards to Craniosacral therapy, Cranial nerves and Concussions. In 2019, she became a qualified teaching assistant for the Upledger Institue in Craniosacral Therapy.  

Amelia believes in collaboration; she has good relationships with other healthcare professionals including but not limited to physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, kinesiologists, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncture and nutritionists. If your condition and your needs require a referral to another healthcare provider to ensure an efficient recovery, it will be done in a seamless transition with open dialogue.

Her current research interest is studying how osteopathic techniques, through the release of thoracic cage and cervical restrictions as well as the application of cranial techniques, can aid individuals with anxiety. 

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