Frequently Asked Questions

Is the office easy to access?
The office is easily accessible to individuals with reduced mobility and located on the ground level with free parking. 

Do I need to wear anything special? 

You don't have to wear anything special for the session but you should be in comfortable clothing. Tight sports bras and yoga/gym style tops would be considered as too tight. 

What can I expect after a session?
It is recommended that you drink liquids and rest after a session. Normally very minimal secondary effects such as fatigue may be felt for 24 to 48 hours afterward. For this reason, only light, not intense physical activity is recommended. Light exercise and stretching between appointments can be beneficial. 

I feel better, should I still see my osteopath?
 In terms of prevention it is recommended to continue to consult your osteopath a few times a year depending on your specific needs. Those with migraines and headaches may benefit every couple of months. Your body functions best when tensions and stresses are addressed regularly. 

My child won't sit still, is it still possible for you to treat them?
Yes, I have a lot of experience working with babies and children and adapt to their behaviour on any given day. When a session is not possible to complete in it's entirety, you will not be charged for the full session. 

How do I submit my receipt to my insurance company?
At the end of your appointment you will be given a physical receipt that you can claim with your insurance company. Most private health care plans cover Osteopathy as well as International student health plans. If you do not have coverage you can keep your receipt to file with your end of year taxes as a medical expense. I am registered with l'Association des Ostéopathes Ritma, which is recognized by all major insurers (except Blue Cross Insurance with Veterans Affairs. You can verify with your insurance provider prior to coming if you wish to. If you are a military veteran insured with Blue Cross Insurance, please contact me when you are making an appointment.


How much does an osteopathic session cost? 

  • 1 Hour:                        $73.93 +tx: $85           

  • 30 Minutes:                $43.49 +tx: $50            

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Debit, Visa, Mastercard (via electronic Square Reader)

  • Cash