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Osteopathy Lennoxville is a patient-centred health care clinic providing osteopathic manual therapy. Services are offered to clients of all ages and we are happy to answer questions you may have prior to scheduling, to see if osteopathy is right for your specific needs. 

What can we help you with today? 

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Neck & Nerve Pain

Pinched nerve  • Arm numbness • Tension 

Forward Head Posture


 Reflux • Colic •  Constipation •  Plagiocephaly

Growth pains 

Visceral Osteopathy 

 Reflux • Menstrual cramps

•Endometriosis Pain • Constipation          

Chronic Pain

Fibromyalgia • Management of Chronic Pain

• Insomnia • Preventative approach to recurrent Pain

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Headache and Migraine.jpg
Back Pain.jpg
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Shoulder Pain.jpg

Headaches & Migraines

Tension Headaches • Sinus pain • TMJ 

• Vertigo & Vestibular problems

Back Pain & Sciatica

Scoliosis • Hip pain • Back pain 

•Sciatic nerve

Concussion Symptoms

Chronic whiplash Injury • Chronic concussion symptoms    


Repetitive use & Sports Injuries 

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